Manage This

In an age of information and convenience it is not difficult to understand why appraisers are expected to be “cheaper, better, faster”. With the advent of iPhones and iPads it is assumed that the real estate appraiser will now be able to complete an appraisal while driving down the road, as he/she dictates the findings and conclusions into the voice activated interface that allows the appraiser instant access to the web and all proper appraisal applications.

Of course this must all be accomplished hands free, since the appraiser is driving the comparable sales and inserting the pictures taken from their phone.

“You’ve got mail” was so very cute when AOL first spoke to us. Now we are getting tweets from our clients wondering why we have yet to respond to the email that was sent almost 7 minutes ago.  I was asked recently if I twitter I paused (for effect), only when I am under stress. The poor little dear had no idea to what I was referring.

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