Oh My God – – Don’t Talk to Me!!!

I was amused at a phone message that was on my voice mail recently. A realtor spent 3 minutes apologizing for the phone call, explaining that she understood she was not allowed to speak to appraisers anymore for fear she might sway the appraisal process. The funniest part was that while she did tell me which file the message was regarding, she failed to leave her phone number.

Okay. I am sorry, but has this world lost its freaking mind? Yes, there is a world out there that tries to manipulate the decisions of licensed objective professionals, like appraisers, federal regulators, financing rating agencies and the like – and as professionals we must be hyper vigilant in our efforts to objectively approach each appraisal problem in a manner that does not favor any one side – but people, at what point did having a conversation with a Realtor or a loan officer or any other person “from the dark side” constitute pressure?

Real estate appraisers have a legal responsibility to accurately report their findings of the marketplace and to offer their opinion about how the subject relates to its marketplace. This opinion must be developed in a way that is consistent with appraisal methods that would be considered “tried and true” by the majority of our professional or industry peers.

It is time that we all employ a little known technique, with regard to community relations, known as common sense. As a very good friend of mine and I joke all the time – sense has become like courtesy it is no longer common.

Take time to smile out there, ladies and gentleman, as life is too short not to have some fun.

See you around the water cooler!

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