Stand for What is Right

The days of right and wrong seem to have been replaced with reasonable and customary.  In a world where we are afraid to stand for what is right, for fear that someone else may disagree or feel judged, we have lost our footing. If you don’t believe me, just open your eyes and watch the world losing its mind. Am I someone who believes a religious right should rule? No.

I am someone who believes that there are fundamentals in life that should not be abandoned for fear that we may upset another culture or way of life. The reality is simple: respect, courtesy, honesty, integrity, fairness these are all attributes that people appreciate from others, but it seems that they are sorely lacking in what is quickly becoming the social norm.

What does that have to do with the appraisal of real estate? Perhaps nothing, perhaps more than anyone of us realize. If the men and women of earlier generations would or could speak to us, they would remind us that the foundational ways of behaving should be the base of all activities in life. How we present ourselves and treat others is so much more important than I can possible hope to convey in this short rant.

But I will leave you with this thought: only a truly immoral society feels the need to try to legislate morality, for if we were all acting as we should, there would be no need to impose laws to encourage correct behavior.

See you around the water cooler!


By the way kudos to which is written by my wife. Without her looking over my posts, you would have to suffer with my continued misspellings and grammatical anomalies. Thank you sweetheart (and you know you are (winking)).

3 thoughts on “Stand for What is Right

  1. Uncle Zev – where have you been? Common decency & decorum are sorely missed by myself, too, and are vital ingredients in my rants, as well.
    I read your posts showing on this page and will come back to work my way into past postings beyond these – if you don’t have a fan club, I’ll start one! Seriously.
    I’m a long-time appraiser, by now EX-appraiser, started as staff for a lender, held various positions (involving “some” controversy…), was down-sized, went independent fee, and consequently out of business.
    Your “rants” are striking a chord much in harmony with mine, though yours are somewhat more restrained than mine…
    Adding a link to your blog on mine & heading over to Twitter to follow. Such a relief to find somebody who actually still values common sense and questions the sanity of regulating morality, and other matters, “for the common good”.
    Thank you for an uplifting blog.

      1. Thank you, John! If you do visit, the “DA CAPO” menu item will give you links to the beginnings of each “category”. Choose “TheStupidAppraiser” for the appraiser-specific rants…
        My latest entry was appraisal related, again, after a long gap. With inspiration from your blog, I may revive the category!
        You made my day, thanks again.

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