Score one for the Good Guys

According to FACT, the Texas Governor signed HB 2375 into law on Friday. This legislation modifies the current occupational code that governs how a real estate appraiser conducts business within the State of TexasAmong the more significant changes are:

  • Brings the TALC Statute into compliance with current terminology and State and Federal Laws relating to the regulation of real estate appraisers.
  • Makes it mandatory that a person be certified or licensed under the act in order to perform an appraisal in Texas.
  • Allows the TALC Board to delegate to the Commissioner the authority to approve consent orders and agreements to help expedite enforcement case closure.
  • Allows the board to solicit, accept and administer gifts, grants and donations.
  • Allows for a probationary certificate, license or trainee approval under specified conditions.
  • Allows for up to a 90 day period for late renewal of a certificate, license or trainee approval with payment of 1.5 times the required renewal fee – does not allow appraisal practice during the late renewal period.
  • Requires an applicant to complete additional prescribed education after failing the licensing or certification exam three consecutive times.
  • Repeals the provisional license category.
I applaud the efforts of FACT and encourage Texas Appraisers to check out their site and get involved. It is time we engage and begin to take back our industry.